10 Sites for Kids Chip Flowers Thinks Makes Finance Fun

April is National Financial Literacy Month and a good excuse not only for adults to brush up on their financial skills but also a great time to teach kids about money. Whether it’s asking their parents questions, learning to save, spending their allowance or receiving their first paychecks, there are numerous ways kids can learn about money. Another method is through the Internet with its wealth of sites to teach and engage kids. These sites are all kid-friendly and hip to their increasingly mobile trends.

Take a look at these 10 great financial websites for kids recommended by Chip Flowers.

Kids of all ages:

Institute of Consumer Financial Education  – The ICFE/Kids section gives a host of money information and resources for kids. Young ones can learn about savings, credit and investments while older kids can study credit, the dangers of accumulating debt and financial planning.

The Mint.org This site has something for everyone from young kids playing games to earn, spend, save and give money while older ones will enjoy the story of money movement and numerous quizzes and calculators.

Kids’ Money  – This dynamic, interactive site helps kids develop money management and money-making skills. It then shows through savings, the possibility to buying a coveted item such as a pair of sneakers or a video game. The site welcomes contributions and suggestions.

Elementary students:

Centsables – The Centsables, bankers by day but superheroes at night, battle the bad guys, saving kids from money mistakes and bad financial scenarios. Along with its videos, the interactive site also has games, comics, and activities to help kids get money management skills.

Sesame Street’s For me, for you, for later  – Using Sesame Street’s beloved characters, this site enables kids and their parents to view and create a dialogue on financial basics. Videos and games assist with the teaching and for offline activities, there are podcasts and printables. 

Kids Math Games -Kids will have a chance to learn about money through interactive games, which will enable them to count and use money. They can also open a new business such as a lemonade stand or a coffee shop to learn additional financial basics.

Middle school:

Kids.gov The money section for middle school students includes videos on credit card facts and real-life expenses. There are also money vocabulary lists, tools and links to expand their money education.

Sense and Dollars  – This interactive site has numerous money games to play. For kids desiring to leave home and become financially independent, the Check It Out game, shows a dose of reality as participants will get a job, a monthly income and bills to pay. It’s challenging as kids will learn the value of money through this experience.

High school:

American Saves  –Kids 14 and older can enroll in the Younger Saver program and set a personal monthly saving objective as low as a $5. The selected amount can be saved in different ways. The site also offers advice, encouragement and tools to achieve this.

Financial Football For the sports-obsessed kid, this sites offers Financial Football and Financial Soccer video games. Kids will select a team and take financial management quizzes as their players move along the field, scoring points through their answers. Additional quizzes and calculators are also included on the site.